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Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors are available in a huge variety of models, materials and styles – a great choice to match the design and style of your home. Choose traditional or contemporary, add windows, or have a unique design customised to your home.

Sectional garage doors are an increasingly popular garage door design in Australia and are considered a modern style when compared to the more traditional roller door that you may have grown up with. 

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What Are Sectional Doors?

A sectional design is easily recognisable by the segments that make up its door, large horizontal panels that are hinged together from the inside. As the door is opened, they move vertically upwards, with each segment travelling along a rail that sits flush to the ceiling of your garage. This allows the door to be stored flat against the ceiling when the garage is open.

Being stored this way means that your garage ceiling must be at least as long as it is tall so there is enough space for the door to open fully. Modern garages are designed with this principle in mind, and it is uncommon for a sectional door to be truly impractical in a newer home or renovated garage.

Being segmented, sectional doors are also marginally more secure than previous roller door designs, as a would-be intruder has to get through several sections of the door before they are able to enter your garage or home.

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Sectional Door Customisation & Options

Sectional doors lend themselves to a clean, modern design for the front of your home, but the simplicity of their construction means that they are also incredibly customisable. There are thousands of different combinations of sizes, colours and textures that you can explore to ensure that your sectional door perfectly matches your home’s design.

Sectional garage doors are also known for the extra options that can be included with their design. This includes the addition of a small window(s) installed in one of the segments that can allow light into the garage, perfect for when you don’t want the door to be raised and your garage exposed to the outside.

Garage Door Insulation & Security

Insulation is also a popular addition to sectional garage doors, especially in areas with more extreme weather. By adding this insulation, you have some protection from the elements, keeping the heat out in the summer months and the cold away during winter.

This insulation also works to keep sound in and out of the garage, which is useful for people who live on a busy street but like to spend time in their garage – or for people who like to make a lot of noise in their garage.

Sectional garage doors can also accommodate a large array of openers and locks, and are marginally more secure than previous roller door designs, as a would-be intruder has to get through several sections of the door before they are able to enter your garage or home.

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Made to Measure Sectional Garage Doors

Sectional doors have a very clean external and internal appearance, with thousands of combinations of brands, sizes, profiles, and textures available. You can even choose an insulated option to keep noise and heat in or out.

Made to measure in 5mm increments for perfect fit and function, sectional doors can accommodate a range of openers, either keyed or electric locks.

Suitable for:

  • openings from 1.8m high x 1.8m wide up to almost 4.0m high x 6.5m wide
  • spaces with as little as 200mm headroom up to 400mm from top of opening to ceiling
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The Sectional Door Experts

Garage Door Solutions is staffed by a team of dedicated professionals, with over 50 years of experience servicing, maintaining and installing garage doors for our satisfied customers across Australia. We believe that every family deserves a garage door that keeps them safe and brings out the best in their home.

If you think that a sectional door might be the right fit for your home and garage, or you have any questions about the design, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today so we can find the best option for you.

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