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Roller Garage Doors

Roller doors are one of the most popular garage door types in Australia, and for good reason. Their unique combination of simplicity and practicality makes them a perfect choice for many people looking to build, renovate or replace their home’s garage door.

They consist of a single sheet of corrugated Colorbond steel that rolls up as the garage door is raised into a cylinder or barrel that sits at the top of your garage opening, behind the lintel. This unique storage method means that you only need a small amount of vertical space to store your garage door, and is perfect for garages that aren’t deep enough to accommodate tracks along the roof.

In the rare instances where a roller door does not have enough headroom inside of a garage for the barrel mechanism to be installed, they can be reverse rolled. This means that the barrel is placed on the outside of your garage, with no loss in functionality.

This simple design means that roller doors are simple to install, maintain and use every day. They are also incredibly easy to automate, with standard roller door auto-openers taking up very little room on the side of the barrel. 

While many people choose to automate their roller doors for the incredible convenience it offers, they in no way need to be automated and we will happily install them with only manual control.

Roller Doors | Garage Door Solutions in Braeside & Berwick

Roller Doors Designed For You

We offer roller doors in a variety of different options to ensure you can find the perfect fit for your home and garage. While only available in Colorbond steel sheeting, roller doors can be customised when ordered in one of several faux-wood colours, to match your home’s aesthetic and present nicely (although these colour options are brand dependent). 

Roller doors can also be ordered reverse coloured, where the chosen design is placed onto the back of the door instead of the front. 

Roller Doors | Garage Door Solutions in Braeside & Berwick

Made Specifically For Your Requirements

If you have a sloping driveway, you may have concerns about a new roller door fully meeting the ground and leaving an unsightly, unsecure gap underneath the door. We are able to compensate for this by organising a roller door with a tapered bottom that will more easily connect to the driveway. This ensures they are both more visually pleasing and more secure. 

We can also organise specialist key locks for the external side of your garage door. These are placed at waist-height and give you the peace of mind that you aren’t trading security for convenience with your new roller door.

Talk to a Garage Door Solutions representative today to discuss which of our many roller door customisation options are right for your home and garage.

Trust the Roller Door Professionals

At Garage Door Solutions we have over 50 years of experience installing, servicing and maintaining garage doors for Australian families. As a family run business, we care deeply that all of our customers are secure behind the perfect garage door for their home and needs.  

If you think that a roller door is right for your garage, get in touch with our team of industry professionals today to start discussing your options so we can set you up with the best possible door.

To ask any questions or to organise a quote, give us a call at (03) 9587 4000 or fill in our online contact form.


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Roller Doors | Garage Door Solutions in Braeside & Berwick

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