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We have complete confidence in our work

Warranties give you confidence in the build quality of the products and in the installation of doors and openers.

All products sold and installed by Garage Door Solutions (Vic) include warranties for:


Manufacturers provide a warranty for their products. We provide a summary of the manufacturer’s warranty, covering garage doors, garage door openers and other components, with our Customer Proposal. Detailed product warranty documents are supplied on request.

10 Year Installation Labour Warranty

Garage Door Solutions (Vic) provides a 10-Year Installation Labour Warranty, covering onsite labour performed during an installation by us. A copy of the warranty is available on request and is supplied on installation.

Compare our warranties

Generally the door, door opener and installation have different warranties and different time periods. We recommend you compare our warranties against our competitors. And call us if you need more information.

Making a claim under warranty is simple. Just give us a call and we’ll step you through the process.

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