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Expert Tips for Ensuring Your Garage Door’s Security

10, Nov 2021 in Maintenance & Repairs

Garage door security is important. Not only is it important to protect what is in your garage but garages are generally an entry point to your home and ultimately, you and your family. Being mindful of how your garage door can be compromised will ensure that you will have the necessary protection from harm.

Keep your garage door closed
This may seem like an obvious thing to do but it is still incredibly important. Keeping the door closed not only prevents people from entering your garage but it helps hide your valuables. Just like cars, having valuable items exposed for the outside world to see will increase the risk of a burglar trying to break and enter your garage. 

Windows are easily forgotten about as well. Ensure that windows are not left unlocked and valuable items are not visible through the windows. A good option to ensure safety is to install frosted windows. 

Ensure the door lock cannot be compromised
Just because your garage door has a lock does not mean it is 100% secure. Generic garage door locks can easily be compromised. Products are available to ensure that your garage door’s lock is protected from standard break-in methods. If you have any questions about if your lock is at risk, consult a garage door expert to learn what can be done. 

Lock the door between the garage and your home
If your garage is connected to your home, it provides another point of entry that can put you and your family at risk if compromised. It is important to ensure that this entry door is locked and has adequate, secure locks. A dead-latch or electronic lock installed on the door is recommended to provide the security you need. 

Keep your garage door remote secure
Your garage door remote is essentially just another key. Like your house keys, try not to lose your remote and make sure you have a spare before you need it. And never leave your garage door remote in your car. If you do happen to lose a remote control, there are ways to delete codes before security is compromised. Get in touch to find out how.

Garage door safety cannot be neglected. Being mindful of the risks that are present when it comes to your garage will ensure that you, your family and your belongings are safe. To learn more about how to keep a garage door secure, contact our expert team at Garage Door Solutions today.

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