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How Often Should I Have My Door Serviced?

21, Nov 2019 in Tips

This is a question we’re often asked. Most homeowners don’t realize their garage door requires regular maintenance to keep it in good condition; to make it last longer and operate reliably and safely. Door and opener warranties are conditional on you keeping your garage door properly maintained. So maintenance is important for many reasons. You should never wait until there’s a problem before having your door serviced. Proper “maintenance” prevents problems, where usually more expensive and stressful “repairs” fix problems after they arrive.

We carry out both preventative maintenance and repairs to most garage doors, and specialize in B&D garage doors and door openers.

Most door manufacturer’s, including B&D, suggest maintenance every 12 months to keep a door at its optimum. At Garage Door Solutions (Vic), we believe that service intervals vary a lot. There’s no wear and tear to a door that isn’t used. So if you think about one cycle being one complete open and close, we recommend garage doors are serviced at least every 3,000 cycles. This might be a few months for some customers, or several years for others.

All current B&D Controll-A-Door openers electronically count their cycles. On request, we’re able to program a current B&D opener to alert you (via a flashing light) when a nominated cycle count is reached. Very clever technology.

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