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Common Garage Door Styles and Why They’re So Popular

14, Aug 2022 in Maintenance & Repairs

In Australia, we tend to choose one of three garage door styles and with good reason. Roller doors, sectional doors and tilt garage doors have become the Australian standard because they have stood the test of time, providing homes with style, convenience and security. However, deciding which of these garage doors is best for you and your home can be an overwhelming decision. There are a lot of different factors to take into consideration from aesthetics to functionality. To make things a little easier we’ve broken down these 3 popular garage door styles, explaining what they are and why you might want to choose them.  

Roller Doors
A roller garage door opens vertically and rolls up above the door opening. They have been the traditional Australian choice for decades because they are cost-effective, easy to install, simple to use, and look great.

They don’t need overhead tracks or hanging door openers, so they are ideal for garages with plenty of headroom and for freestanding uses such as fence-line applications. They are also incredibly versatile so will suit most openings. Best of all they can be automated so you can take advantage of all the exciting innovations in the garage door industry.

Sectional Doors
Sectional doors are a lightweight and stylish option with their clean internal and external appearance. They are made up of horizontal panels that are hinged together from the inside. They open vertically with each panel moving along the garage ceiling.

Sectional doors are available in an extensive variety of models, materials and styles. This makes them an excellent choice to match the specific design and aesthetic of your home. Choose traditional or contemporary, add windows, or have a unique design customised to your exact specifications. They are also incredibly easy to maintain and their design allows for maximum opening clearance.

Tilt Garage Doors
The tilt garage door is the architect’s door. The strong and lightweight one-piece door swings out and up as you open it, sliding under the ceiling. It’s available in the greatest variety of styles, from period to ultramodern, powder-coated aluminium or clean flat plywood, Colorbond or rich western red cedar timber. It can be almost whatever you want it to be. 

These doors are easy to operate and open incredibly quickly making them extremely convenient. They’re also fantastic for spaces with limited headroom, up to as little as 100mm.


Made to measure solutions

If you’re still not sure what door is right for you, it may be time to talk to the experts. At Garage Door Solutions, we offer made to measure garage doors in all the above styles. This means whichever door you choose it will be the perfect fit and function for you.

We’re a family-owned and operated business who are proud to have been delivering meticulously crafted and customised garage door solutions for over 50 years. Reach out to our friendly team today to see how we can help with choosing your new garage door!

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