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What To Consider When Buying A New Garage Door

26, Aug 2021 in Maintenance & Repairs

A garage door is an important feature of any home, and in most cases the garage door takes up the most space on your home’s facade. Whether you are looking for a garage door for your new home or upgrading your door, there are some important considerations that you need to make.

Security is your number one priority
The primary function of your garage door is to ensure you control who enters your home through your garage. If your garage door does not function properly, it may be unsafe. Not having a secure door will expose you and your family to serious safety risks that can be preventable.

Does your door fit with your space?
The type of door you install will be dependent on your garage. Factors including the distance between your garage door opening lintel and the ceiling, room next to the opening, the depth of your garage, and any internal wall shelving or PA doors will need to be considered. These factors will influence how your door will open, move and function. Choosing the wrong door will cause issues when your door operates. Rest assured our experienced sales representatives will assist in identifying the right option for your application, and will never sell you an unsuitable garage door.

What latest technology should you consider?
Garage door technology is constantly evolving and improving. Smartphone apps and garage door opener technology have allowed for convenient and remote door opening and closing capabilities. Learning if your new garage door will have new functionality is well worth investigating so you can ensure you are getting the most up to date technology possible.


There is a lot that you need to consider for your new garage door. By running through these key criteria, and with careful consideration with one of expert sales representatives, you will ensure you have purchased a garage door and opener for your home that will offer great value and convenience for years to come.


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