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What Do You Need To Do If Your Garage Door Is Noisy?

14, Nov 2022 in Maintenance & Repairs

Having your garage door or opener suddenly start making a lot of noise can be a very concerning problem, and one that you undoubtedly want to diagnose and fix as soon as possible. As well as being annoying, the sounds coming from your garage door may be an indication that something is wrong, or potentially about to go wrong with the mechanism.  

What could be causing your garage door noise?
Annoying or troubling sounds from a garage door can come in lots of different forms, and from a number of different issues within the mechanism. 

A common reason that garage doors begin to make noise is the excessive vibration they are subject to in their day-to-day operation. This can, in time, shake some of the screws and bolts holding the mechanism together slightly out of their housings. This will make your door give off a rattling sound that gets louder and louder as the problem gets worse within the door’s parts. 

Other parts of the door mechanism, such as the hinges, chain and rollers, can also become looser and less reliable over time, gradually leading to a less smooth performance and irritating sounds.

If you have a sectional roller door, the tracks can often be damaged in your daily use of your garage. This can result in the tracks becoming bent. If this is the case, you’ll hear a persistent grinding noise, and may notice your door struggling to raise itself when you press the button. A qualified garage door specialist can potentially realign your tracks for you, if this is the case,

Another simple reason for excessive garage door noise may be the acoustics of your garage, especially if your garage has lots of empty space. If your garage door has always been too loud, or you’ve recently changed the layout of your garage, then you may have to invest in some soundproofing treatment to make the noise more reasonable.


How can you fix your garage door’s noise?
Before you do any work to your garage door yourself, it’s important to approach it safely. Disconnect power to the garage door opener, so you – or worse, somebody else – don’t accidentally trigger it while you’re inspecting the mechanism. 

Some parts are also more inherently dangerous and complex to fix, such as the springs, hinges and chain of your door. If you think they may be the source of your problem, or If you ever feel unsure or unsafe in any capacity, it’s a good idea to call in a professional to have a look at your garage door mechanism.

If you’re comfortable and able to operate safely, there are a few potential things you can try to fix your garage door’s noise problem.

The solution may be as simple as applying a (manufacturer approved) silicone-based lubricant to your garage door, especially if it’s a screeching noise that you’ve noticed. Apply it to the tracks, rollers and body of your door, but not the internal mechanism that houses the chain, spring or motor – these parts are best left to a professional to service.

If your door has vibrated some of its screws, nuts or bolts loose, then simply going around your and systematically tightening them with a wrench and socket should fix any rattling that you’ve been hearing.


The garage door experts.
If you can’t figure out what’s causing a concerning noise to come from your garage door – or you just don’t feel comfortable performing any kind of maintenance on the mechanism – then Garage Door Solutions are here to help. 

Our team of professionals are some of the best in the business, able to expertly diagnose and service your garage door in a safe and reliable manner. Give us a call today on 1800 673 637, or fill out our online contact form.

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