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How Coastal Living Can Affect Your Garage Door

14, Sep 2022 in Maintenance & Repairs

Australia has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world so living near the coastline is an absolute dream. The stunning views, sounds of crashing waves and fresh air make it an incredible and relaxing place to be. However, the things that make coastlines so appealing are also the reasons they can be pretty harsh on your property.  The salty, moisture filled air can cause deterioration and rust on all areas of your home and unfortunately your garage door is no exception. Although corrosion on metals and steel is inevitable, it doesn’t have to be catastrophic. We’ve put together 3 simple ways you can protect your door from the harsh effects of salty air and have it run smoothly for as long as possible.


1. Stainless Steel Cables
Stainless steel cables are an upgrade we think is absolutely worth choosing for anyone who lives close to the water. While other cables are perfectly suitable for most properties, when you are close to the coast they do corrode faster than usual. Stainless steel is more resistant to corrosion so this upgrade can save you money in the long term as it will require less maintenance.

2. Belt Driven Auto-Openers
Auto-openers are the ultimate convenience that allow you to open your garage door with just the touch of a button. We’ve found that a great way to protect the mechanisms of an auto-opener is to select the belt driven option rather than a chain driven option. They’re incredibly durable and much less susceptible to rust.

3. Regular Maintenance
The best way to protect your garage door and get the longest life out of it in any situation is with regular maintenance and servicing. By being proactive and having a good technician take a look at your garage door you can have any potential problems identified and resolved before they get a chance to escalate. If you do live near the coastline we recommend a service every 3000 cycles. 


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