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3 Innovative Garage Door Features to Elevate Your Home

28, Jul 2022 in Maintenance & Repairs

Most garage doors may have a timeless design but the technology behind the scenes has been constantly evolving. These changes and updates mean garage doors are not only more convenient but, most importantly, safer for you and your family. The biggest game changer has been wireless technology. Now with just your smartphone, you can have complete control of your garage door anywhere in the world. We’ve broken down the 3 most exciting ways these new innovations can improve your home:

Automatic garage doors make life that little bit easier and now you don’t need to worry about keeping track of remotes or any other extras. Your phone now has the power to do it all. You can open your door anytime, anywhere and can also grant access to whoever you need without having to purchase extra remote controls. It’s the ultimate convenience that can save you that bit of extra time so you don’t miss the important moments in life.

Garage doors have a lot of large, heavy moving parts that can be dangerous if not well maintained or if the door is relying on outdated technology. With photo-electric safety beams and/or auto-reverse technology you can have peace of mind in the safety of your door. With this technology if the door meets an obstruction, it automatically stops and auto-reverses. This will minimise or outright prevent harm to you, your family, pets and your property.

Unfortunately, to some an open garage door is an open invitation. Your home is meant to be a safe space for you and your family. With advanced auto-lock technology your garage door can become more than a door, it can become another form of security. Auto-locks are one of the highest available garage door security options and ensure the door can’t simply be opened manually.

A lot of us are also prone to normal anxieties like did I leave the stove on? Or did I close the garage door behind me when I left? Again with just your phone, you can check anytime, anywhere if your door is open or closed. You can also close it as you need, no need to ever leave a party early again or risk being late to work to turn back and check! You have complete control of your garage door.

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