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How Do You Know Which Garage Door Type Is Right For You?

25, Oct 2021 in Maintenance & Repairs

Every garage door is different. Depending on your needs, how your garage is built and how you like the aesthetics of your garage door, you will need to consider which style of door will be most appropriate for you. With our brief guide about the types of doors available, you will have a great idea about what is best for your needs.

Tilt Doors
If you’re limited by height in your garage space, a tilt garage door might be the perfect solution. This type of garage door takes up the least amount of headspace out of all available garage doors. Tilt doors can be clad in whatever material depending on the weight which provides plenty of options. Tilt garage doors come in two models: Jamb type Tilt or Track type Tilt. A track tilt mechanism provides more points of contact which means it can carry more weight.

When installing a tilt garage door, it is important to be mindful of using exact measurements as the door comes into the garage. Incorrect measurements can cause issues with opening and closing the door if an object such as a car is in the way.

Sectional Doors
Sectional garage doors are overhead doors, made up of normally 4 or 5 horizontal panels stacked together to create one solid garage door. These panels can be individually replaced, meaning that you don’t have to replace the whole door if one panel is damaged.

A sectional door utilises the headroom in the garage, meaning it takes up minimal space within the garage and your driveway. However, this means that you must accurately measure the space in the garage to determine if it is appropriate for you to install a sectional garage door as the height of your garage will now be reduced.

Roller Doors
Roller garage doors open vertically and roll up into a compact reel over the garage entrance. This design means that the roller door does not take up a lot of space in your garage for opening and closing, providing extra room for storage. This makes roller garage doors great for smaller garages as they allow the car to be parked as close to the door as possible.

Roller garage doors are made from aluminium or Colorbond steel which are durable yet lightweight. These materials allow it to withstand damaging impact or extreme weather conditions. Unfortunately, there are limited options when it comes to door customisation. 


Choosing the right door for your garage space is important as it can be expensive to replace. Book a consultation with our team of specialists or visit our showroom today to see in person the benefits of each door.

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